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SMHT VIP Club Membership

The VIP club is to enable you to support SMHT whilst becoming a VIP to us, which also enables you to have rewards too.

Whilst we have achieved a lot in the last few years, we still want to improve our facility for you and help us continue supporting your local community. 

Our aim is to provide a forward thinking Community Hub providing extended facilities for all ages. 


How does the Annual Membership help us. 

a) Support our club 

b) help the next phase of our trust. 

       The Trust are aiming to extend its facility the cost of this is in the region of £275k. This May include a library and 1st floor extension or if Herts Council do not want us as a partner then we will still go ahead with the 1st floor extension.  

c) Covid 19 Pandemic has made 2020 a very difficult year this subscription would help us maintain our steady growth and ensure the longevity of the hall

d) Enables us to keep many events low cost or free.  

What do you get for your donation / annual subscription. 

a) VIP Tickets 

b) Early access to event tickets 

c) Offers on ticket prices 

d) Discounted Hire Charges

This membership is eligible for Gift aid, which means your membership is extra valuable to us as we can get up to £4p extra / £10 "donated". 

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