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Main Hall

The Main Hall is a superb location for those special occasions.  Ideal for wedding receptions, anniversary parties, concerts and plays.


The bar has its own foyer area and the well-equipped kitchen allows for self-catering or caterers assisting with meals. The hall and table decor can be personalised to your own choice.


There is a large stage 8.4 m * 6m, complete with sound system and lighting.


Fitted electric projector screen.  Own or hire projector.


The main hall is 21m x 8.6m. which typically accomodates the following:


  Activity                                      No. of People

Exercise class                                     100

Adult party                                     300

Dinner                                              200

Dinner/Dance (Tables in place)     160

Theatre / cinema                              230



All numbers vary with the amount of tables and chairs. Enquire for the appropriate risk assessment.



Completed stage - Hall